How to find potential customers on Linkedin?

Professional social network par excellence, with 97 million active members all over the world, of which about 13 million in Italy alone,  Linkedin is essentially a social network to promote your activities. On this platform, you have an exceptional pool of potential customers at your disposal, with whom you can carry out dynamic and effective prospecting.

Therefore, what social media strategy should be implemented to find customers on Linkedin? Let’s see together some tips to achieve this goal.

Start by filling out your Linkedin profile

To find customers on LinkedIn, we recommend that you first carefully fill out your profile, which also functions as a CV.

Particular attention should be paid to each field. The summary is used to make your profile more human. Tell in a few lines your background, your passion for your profession and how you came to practice it.

Then go to your previous professional experiences. Try to go beyond just writing your location and company name.

Describe in detail the actions taken on a daily basis and also provide evidence if possible by adding case studies , white papers or any publications related to your work.

Of course, don’t forget to enter your details, so that potential interested in your profile can visit your website or contact you directly by email.

Ask to confirm your skills

Confirmations are an important part of your profile because they show that people have used your services before and are happy with it.

To this end, consider contacting your customers to ask them to confirm your skills.

For your part, do not hesitate to confirm those of your service providers, colleagues and customers. Often this encourages them to do the same with your skills.

Integrate thematic groups

Theme groups are a great way to promote yourself on Linkedin. By integrating these exchange spaces, you will have the opportunity to share interesting content for other users, but also to bring your help to members in need.

You will also be able to  identify potential customers and invite them to join your network  .

Additionally, joining newsgroups helps you manage your e-reputation and may encourage some members to take a closer look at your profile. They can then add you too and be shown to spread your news and blog posts , which is precisely the content of the next point.

Share relevant news

Show that you are interested in your topic by offering your contacts articles with high added value that can be a selection of articles you curate, but also your articles on the blog.

Get the attention of potential customers you’ve invited and draw them to your website. In addition to learning about your useful information, they will be able to see your previous results and consult other content intended to convert them into customers.

Plus, by sharing quality content, you encourage your contacts to share it too.

Comment and share news from targeted potential customers

This is a technique that pays for sure! While you are in contact with your prospects on Linkedin, you might as well show them your interest.

When posting news, don’t hesitate to:

  • Like
  • To comment
  • Sharing especially if it has to do with your field of business.

In the comments you can show your knowledge and let your personality shine through ..

In addition, you will be regularly present in the contact’s mind, which can cause him to call you more easily on the day he needs the services you offer.

Write a personalized contact message

Obviously, to attract customers on Linkedin, you have to send them a contact request, so that they know your news, that they want to consult your profile and, possibly, contact you.

Don’t settle for the basic message offered by the social network, take the time to write a personalized message that shows the potential customer the importance you attach to them.

Refine your message without being too commercial. Instead, consider explaining to your recipient why you want to add them to your contact list

Finally, know that active listening is essential to transform a contact into a customer. After a first contact with him, the difficult part is not talking about you or your offers, but identifying his expectations.

Take advantage of the material shared by the potential client or his Linkedin profile to understand his problems and face it in a personalized way.

Linkedin Premium Account

What is that ? 

Linkedin offers Premium accounts for job seekers, sales and hiring professionals, as well as for professionals who want to get the most out of Linkedin.

These Premium Accounts are also intended for freelancers like you who are looking for new clients!

What are the types of subscription?

Linkedin offers various types of Premium accounts according to your needs:

  1. Carreer  , to get you hired easily
  2. Sales Navigator, to generate leads and expand your network
  3. Business  , to access detailed commercial information and develop your professional activity
  4. Hire  , to find and hire the best talent

With a free account, you can upgrade to one of these premium memberships.

Good job.

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