How to show related articles on your blog

Have you ever thought about using a WordPress plugin to show related articles at the bottom of your posts?

Integrating a tool of this type on your site will help your users, who will be able to find other content of interest to them, and will also benefit the positioning of your articles.

That’s right: it is likely that a WordPress plugin to show related articles make users visit more pages of your site and stay on it longer.

Both of these factors, in fact, are included in the Google algorithm that determines the positioning of web pages.

In addition, this type of tool will also help you to keep posts published several days, months or even years ago always clicked and current, since users will continue to visit and share them.

WordPress plugin to show articles related to your posts

So in this post I’ll explain which are the best WordPress plugin to show related articles to your posts, and consequently increase the visibility of your website.

The first plugin that I introduce to you is YARP , which stands for Yet Another Related Posts Plugin.

With this tool, you can automatically add related posts using a list or through thumbnails and it works for articles, pages and custom post types.

The algorithm that determines which articles to show is based on titles, content, tags, categories and custom taxonomies.

Includes a shortcode and a Gutenberg block per View related articles anywhere on your page.

If you prefer to show posts in the sidebar instead, you can use the handy widget to add in the Appearance> Widget section of your Dashboard.

This plugin can also be used on multilingual sites, but some incompatibilities with WPML have been found. On the other hand, it is perfectly compatible with Polylang.

The second plugin I’m talking about is called Inline related posts . It has great reviews and over 60,000 installs.

The settings are not many, but definitely functional.

In fact, you can decide for what type of content show related articles, i.e. by pages or articles and decide on the basis of which criteria to associate the articles, for example by tag, by category or both.

You can also decide the link settings: nofollow / dofollow and whether to open in a new tab or in the current one.

If you want to exclude some posts or pages from using the box with related articles, in the post settings you will find the  Post without related posts box .

Just activate it to not show related articles.

The settings concerning the appearance are quite rich in options and you can customize your related articles to the maximum without having to intervene on the code.

In the Pro version, you will have many more options for customization and you can use an unlimited number of boxes.

The WordPress plugin to show related article Contextual Related Posts stands out mainly for the number of customization options it has.

These include the insertion methods (automatic, shortcode, Gutenberg block, widgets, etc.), the elements considered when searching for related posts (titles and / or contents), the possibility of excluding specific categories, posts and pages .

4. Related posts for wordpress

This plugin will come in handy if you need to be careful not to add too many elements that could slow down your site.

In fact, it promises not to lengthen the loading time of posts by searching for related posts as soon as a new article is published, thus optimizing the display themes.

Even Related Posts Thumbnails I liked the variety of customizable settings, but especially for configuration simplicity.

You can choose the number of related posts to show, the date to start, the categories, the style of the texts and the colors.

You can enter it using a simple shortcode and the sidebar widget is available.


Today I introduced you to 5 gods best WordPress plugins to show articles related to your posts.

I believe that they are all valid tools: now you just have to access the plugin section of your dashboard and download the one that seems most suitable for your site.

Which one did you choose?

Do you already use one but I have not included in this list?

Then I invite you to let me know by leaving a message in the comments section.

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