How to double the visits to your site, without doing web marketing!

Do you invest a lot of time in web marketing? You know there are other strategies for too double the visits to your site? To increase visits to your site, sometimes you don’t necessarily need to invest all your energy on web marketing. There are in fact some alternative techniques that are equally effective. Let’s see […]

How to use meta descriptions effectively

You know how use meta descriptions to increase the number of visitors to your site? First, do you know what meta descriptions are? What are meta descriptions Meta descriptions are the paragraph below the title of your page when it appears in the search engine results. If you learn how to use meta descriptions and write effective ones, […]

How to show related articles on your blog

Have you ever thought about using a WordPress plugin to show related articles at the bottom of your posts? Integrating a tool of this type on your site will help your users, who will be able to find other content of interest to them, and will also benefit the positioning of your articles. That’s right: it is […]