Internet Error Codes: What Do They Mean?

For those who work with the internet, knowing the status errors is essential to solve any problems with a website, a blog or a forum.

It is known that Google Webmaster Tools, that is Google’s tools for Webmasters, allow us to know a lot of information about our website, about its state of health, about what is indexed on our site by Google and, above all, about which are errors on our website.

There is a very useful list of http status codes on Wikipedia, which is why I decided to link on “List of http status codes”, through which it is possible to know what errors are present on an internet site.

The most common error to find is certainly 404 , an error that indicates that our page, or rather that specific page, has not been found (probably because it no longer exists or because it has been moved).

In summary, errors starting with 1xx lead to requests received that continue processing (for example, the client must send the body of the request; or it was requested to change the protocol in use …).

Errors starting with 2xx indicate actions that are successfully performed and received, so all right!

For errors starting with 3xx the client is instructed to perform redirection actions: practically it can indicate that that url has been modified permanently, or temporarily,… (301 for the permanent redirect while 307 for the temporary redirect).

Errors starting with 4xx indicate client errors: requests that are incorrect or cannot be satisfied.

The most common errors of this type are the 400, which indicates syntax errors (bad request); 403 indicates that the request is correct but the server does not satisfy it; 404, as reported above, indicates that the page was not found but may be available in the future.

Errors starting with 5xx indicate Server errors failing to fulfill requests that have been made by the user.

You are probably wondering if this article is really useful, maybe you are already an expert in these codes and you find that an article like this on Monetizing is not useful at all, personally I believe that a site that talks about working and making money online should really contain all the information (which are many) possible and useful for those who want to work with the internet, and therefore it is also good to have a mini article that explains what are the error codes on the internet, what the most common ones mean, and a detailed reference to a resource that reports them in a more exhaustive way,

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