Top 3 Social Media Trends Of 2021

Social media marketing continues to win the hearts of many marketers who aim to increase their brand awareness. There has been a shift over the years in the way marketers promote their services or products on social media. It is a valuable channel that marketers can use to reach and convert customers.

Social media marketing requires brands to keep up with the latest trends in social and technical developments, enabling them to exploit all the available opportunities. As a result, social media continues to grow globally, such that we have reached 3.6 billion users; this is according to the report released in 2020.

As social media popularity increases, so do the opportunities to reach and engage with your targeted audiences. Are you wondering what social media trends you should expect in this constantly changing landscape? If so, you need to keep reading to discover what content is appropriate for marketing in 2021.

1.     Increase in Live Stream Popularity

Due to the global health crisis of 2020, most businesses had to go digital to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by maintaining social distancing. So the artists turned the live concerts into live streams, while face-to-face meetings in businesses turned into zoom conferences. As the global health crisis continues to evolve in 2021, companies and brands have gotten used to interacting with their customers through live streams.

2.     Elegant Growth of Social Commerce

Social media has constantly been adapting to strengthen the user experience as we see excellent tools and features that support easy and quick shopping. For example, some social media platforms such as Instagram allow users to add product tags and check out quickly without leaving the platform. With Facebook, you can easily set up a shop where your customers can browse and purchase right on the platform.

3.     Transparency and Authenticity Will Be Of Great Importance

In most businesses, customers tend to look for genuine and honest brands. The brands need to maintain authenticity as well as transparency about their products, services or operations. If you want customers to trust you and your business, you need to be honest with them. The best way to make your

brand’s social the top in class is through transparency and engagement with the targeted audience in marketing.

Using social media stories in marketing is a great way to demonstrate transparency such that you can go live to answer those questions your followers or consumers might have about a new service or product. As a marketer, you need to have a solid social media network that will keep you informed about your targeted audience’s likes and interests. Ensure to get lots of real followers to get the opportunity to interact and get feedback on your social media account.

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