How to Invest in Apple Stock Beginners Guide [2022]

To date, Apple is a very famous brand, you can see very long queues in front of the shops, when there is the new release of an iphone or other. Now we are going to understand how to make money on this giant colossus. Many of us have chosen to invest in Apple shares , […]

Google Finance, Online Trading Support, Guide [2022]

Google is recognized worldwide as the most famous search engine, but in reality the Mountain View company provides many additional services including Google Finance . Google Finance is a real web portal that collects all the main financial information , arranging it in categories for quick examination, also offering the possibility to customize the main […]

5 Features Apple’s Upcoming IOS 16 Should “Steal” From Android

Android 12 has brought some great new features that Apple is expected to add in the next iOS release. Even if iOS 15 has just come out (September 14, 2021) and has been made immediately available on the new line of iPhones, it is still not too early to look to the future: today we […]

12 Android Apps To Delete NOW: These Are Dangerous Malware

Researchers from cybersecurity firm ThreatFabric detail how password-stealing Android banking trojans have been disguised as QR code readers, fitness monitors, cryptocurrency apps, and more. Over 300,000 Android smartphone users downloaded what turned out to be banking Trojans after falling victim to malware that bypassed detection from the Google Play app store. According to information received […]

Connection Problems After Updating To Android 12? How To Fix In 3 Seconds

Especially the Google Pixels are experiencing connectivity problems after updating to Android 12. If you also have no signal, follow these tips. The recent update to Android 12 by Google is huge and has been received quite well by users, despite a not very linear release policy and a few more bugs than usual. We […]

How to invest in Cryptocurrencies, Guide to get started 2022

Today we are getting used to seeing more and more often new record quotes set by cryptocurrencies , especially Bitcoin. However, many are wondering if investing in cryptocurrencies can really represent an opportunity or a risk (Read the guide on the Best emerging cryptocurrencies ). The cryptocurrency market currently offers huge opportunities , is the […]

What will the future of cryptocurrencies be?

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about cryptocurrencies . This is due to the fact that prices have recently started to rise very quickly. After Facebook announced the creation of its new cryptocurrency Libra , the rest of the digital currencies began to move, to rise. The mass media strongly influenced […]

Will the price of Bitcoin take flight?

Many think that the price of Bitcoin will soon rise sharply. There are analysts who in their surveys have taken into consideration the halving that will take place in 2021, while others have taken into account the hash rate of the BTC where the higher the value of the indicator, the more it is certain that in […]

Which country invests the most in Bitcoin?

In 2009, when Bitcoin went on the market, it did not immediately become a great success. Most investors were hesitant to make a decision whether to bet on this asset or not. Many did not believe in the growth of Bitcoin. In recent years things have changed a lot, certainly for the better, the criptovalute […]