How to restart your Apple Watch

One way to correct any issues with your Apple Watch when it is not synchronizing to your iPhone or has frozen completely, is to simply restart your Watch or in the worst-case scenario force restart your Apple Watch. If your Apple Watch has stopped responding or any of the applications running on your watch are […]

How To Install the Edge alternative Internet Explorer on Mac

If you have transitioned from the Microsoft Windows operating system to Apple macOS, and are wondering whether you can get Internet Explorer for Mac, or are missing a number of handy features such as the Windows sniping tool on Mac. You’ll be pleased to know that this guide will show you how to install the […]

How to digitally sign a PDF online using eSign PDF

PDF documents are part of our everyday life yet sometimes it is still tricky to be able to electronically or digitally sign a PDF from your PC or Mac computer. If you are looking for a really easy solution to digitally sign a PDF document from your computer, phone or tablet, you may be interested […]

How to save money on your next CNC milling project?

As you may know, CNC prototyping consists of multiple techniques. This includes CNC milling. You might be concerned about the costs spiraling out of control when you start a new CNC milling project. If this is the case, it definitely is a great idea to take stock beforehand. Also, you should plan ahead to achieve […]